My research interests concern the global movement, contestation and translation and of ideas and norms, adopting an interdisciplinary approach and draw inspirations from politics, international relations, development studies, history and anthropology.

My DPhil research at University of Oxford is on global norm diffusion through an in-depth political ethnography of the United Nations Development Programme. I am also working on intellectual histories of cosmopolitanism and internationalism. Before Oxford, I started my Bachelor degree at Nanjing University in China and transferred to the University of St Andrews, graduating with an MA (First Class Honours, 2014) in International Relations and Anthropology.

I value a closer relationship between academic research and policy practice. Previously I have worked as researcher for the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics, the Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies, think tanks on foreign policies of Europe and China, and the UNDP in the areas of human rights, rule of law and governance. I have pineplined and implemented the first study by international organisation on China’s digital credit system, in collaboration with the Department of International Development at Oxford.

In 2012, I acted as an election observer in Ghana. In 2016, I worked in the presidential election in Peru. From 2018, my fieldwork covered conflict and post-conflict countries and regions including Myanmar, Colombia, Venezuela, Lebanon and Syria. Except for academic research, I also contribute to media such as BBC and Initium for special reports and commentaries. My non-fiction series cover stories from indigenous movements in Latin America, expatriate communities in West Africa and urbanisation in East Asia.

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